godmode music

godmode is an American music company founded by Talya Elitzer and Nick Sylvester. We take way-left artists and bring them slightly more to the center. Or we take way-center artists and bring them slightly more to the left. we draw the line at 'way-right.'

talya elitzer

Born in upstate New York to a retail entrepreneur and social worker. Started her career in music at Brandeis, where on a whim she invented an ad-based indie music download site, though she insists the name of the site is too embarrassing to print here. After college Talya worked as a booking agent at William Morris, looking after Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, M.I.A., Grace Jones, and Swedish House Mafia. She left the East Coast in 2013 to do A&R for Capitol, working on projects for Katy Perry, Sky Ferreira, and Beth Ditto before moving into management for Shamir, yaeji, How To Dress Well, Madilyn Bailey, and others. 

nick sylvester

Born outside Philly to a funk drummer and mother with criminally out-of-tune Wurlitzer 200a. Got his start playing trumpet in wedding and bar mitzvah bands, studied computer music at Harvard, and edited for a then tiny website called Pitchfork mostly to get free promos and concert tickets. When he moved to New York, Nick fell in with DFA's James Murphy, who taught him how to record, program synths, and listen for music in refrigerator hums. Stints as a touring rock drummer, tv writer, ad man, and wine sommelier followed, but making records was the true passion. As a producer, Nick is a world builder – making every sound from scratch bespoke to the artists he works with. That’s included Shamir, Yaeji, and many others.