introducing bounce

keep track of song demos

earlier this year talya and i developed an internal app to help us keep track of our song demos. why? because keeping track of song demos is super annoying. All the steps from voice memo to session demo to mix to master... All the feedback at every step... We got sick of fumbling in meetings for “the right version.” Sick of email attachments not playing in our cars. Sometimes the original two-track demo with the weird placeholder title was the best version – but where did it go? What was it called?

anyway this extremely simple little app helps us do our job better. it's called Bounce – how's that for crazy. bounce saves all the versions of every song you make, with Google Docs-style commenting and privacy settings. We’ve been using Bounce for the last six months or so and like it a lot. we thought you might like it too.

if you're interested in trying the bounce beta, email us at god at godmodemusic dot com.