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bounce by godmode - beta

a very simple web app to help songwriters + producers keep track of demos and get notes from ‘the team’

how bounce works for songwriters/producers: 

step one: record a new song

step two: upload new song to yr bounce account (wav or mp3, it doesn’t matter)

step three: tag it however makes sense to you, add a description

step four: share bounce link with people who need to hear the song

step five: the team leaves notes right on the page (you can reply)

step six: upload a new version within the same bounce link. it will now be the current version, but you can still revisit the demo version to a/b

step seven: repeat until everybody’s happy (lol)

known beta issues (a/o 26 jul 17):

-no direct file downloads, but this is on purpose for security reasons

-be patient with uploads/conversion. sometimes it takes a second for our server, especially if you’re uploading a huge wav or a real smash

-switching from history view to comment view stops playback. if you’re listening and putting in notes just make sure you’re in comment view

-resizing window briefly stutters playback

-upload chronologically (right now bounce treats the first recording you upload as ‘version 1’)

-you can take back share privileges from people you’ve shared with, but can’t unshare yourself from songs shared with you

-right now only you can add new versions to your own bounce link

comments + ideas please email us at god at godmodemusic dot com


nick + talya