Last year, Memorial Day weekend, Shamir and I went to London to meet with XL Recordings to talk about his potential signing. They liked his music, but wanted to get a better sense of who he was and what he cared about before they made any offers. It was Shamir’s first time abroad, and we nearly missed the flight because his expedited passport had his middle name misspelled.

After a heavy Spanish lunch, Shamir was itching to play guitar – it had been about a week since he had played and he gets antsy when he doesn’t. He found an acoustic in the studio underneath their offices; it might have been just a decoration on the wall if I remember.

What happened was an impromptu performance for about seven or eight people. He played a country cover – I forget the song – and this one, “I’ll Never Be Able To Love,” from his Northtown EP. It’s always much more complicated, but hey I’m a romantic: This was everything XL needed to know.

I randomly stumbled into this footage on my computer this morning and – it being a year and all – thought it was time to share. As a side note, I am very grateful to my former self for not singing the “my name, my name, my name” backups, which I considered doing for a very brief but still way too long moment.