godmode studios || atwater village la

two idiot-proof production rooms designed to help artists start and finish records

professionally designed acoustics, inspired instrument choices, quality signal processing

daily, weekly, monthly lockouts available. contact: studios at godmodemusic dot com


we designed our rooms for artists and producers who want to get to work, not engineers and internet gear-heads who want to talk to you about the merits of atomic word clocks. we curated instruments that will inspire you, not confound you. top-notch microphones, summing options, channel strips, and audio interfaces in both rooms mean you won't have to recut vocals. quality room acoustics and monitoring mean you'll get your mix pretty damn close too. there's enough space to track horns, there are enough gobos to have the whole band playing at once. and you'll have access to the godmode house engineer, who's exceptionally polite and patient (maybe too much so). 

plug & play interfaces + high-quality monitoring + speakers

we use uad apollo 8p and apogee symphony i/o interfaces, which we've already routed for vocal tracking, no hassle monitoring, and easy outboard patching. to speed things up for yourself, download the latest uad and apollo drivers before you come through.


great sounding instruments you'll actually want to use

our wurlitzer, fender stratocaster 62 reissue, fender jag-stang bass, ayotte drum kit, ludwig black beauty snare, ayotte custom snare, roland jc40 amp, 70s 15" zildjian hats, and human hands for gang claps are all available upon request.

class a microphones and preamps for perfect vox + more

we have a neumann m149 tube and mojave ma-300 tube pre-routed into rupert neve portico ii and api/1176/opto chains for record-ready vocals, and plenty of other mic and pre options for everything else you'll want to track.


make things weird with boutique synthesizers

our drum machine + synth + fx collection includes kit from moog, dave smith instruments, MFB, intellijel, makenoise, mutable instruments, delta labs, etc, all easily routed and clocked with innerclock sync-gen midi clocking to eliminate annoying midi jitter.

godmode studios - full gear list

[specific equipment requests must be made 24 hours in advance of booking]


Mac Pro

27" Thunderbolt Display

Native Instruments Komplete 61 midi controller and keyboard

Nektar Panorama P49 midi controller and keyboard



Apogee Symphony I/O with Thunderbridge

(2) UAD Octo Core

Universal Audio Apollo 8p

MOTU Midi Express XT



Innerclock Systems Sync-Gen Pro

Innerclock Systems Sync-Gen iiLS



Grace Designs 905 monitor controller

Focal Twin Be nearfield monitors

genelec 8351/7660 nearfield monitors

Avantone Mixcubes

Focal Spirit Pro reference headphones

Audio Technica ATH50 tracking headphones



Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite



(1) Rupert Neve Designs Portico II channel strip

(2) API 512c

(4) API 3214

(2) APA Juggernaut

(4) Sytek MPX 4aii

(8) Audient 880

(8) UAD Apollo 8p

(8) Phoenix audio n8 di



Neumann m149 tube

Mojave Audio MA300 tube

Coles 4038 (Oktavamod clone) ribbon

SM7 dynamic

Altec 633a dynamic

AKG D112

AKG 414 XL II large diaphragm condenser (stereo pair)

Josephson C44 small diaphragm condenser (stereo pair)

Beyerdynamic m160 ribbon

Beyerdynamic m201 dynamic

(4) SM57 dynamic



API 2500

Warm Audio 1176

Inward Connections The Brute Opto

(2) DBX 160a



Wurlitzer 200a electric keyboard

Fender Stratocaster 62 reissue guitar

Fender Jagstang bass guitar

Ayotte drumkit

Ludwig Black Beauty snare

Ayotte custom snare

70s 15" Zildjian hi-hats

19" Zildjian Constantinople crash

Roland JC-40

Triple Cowbell (make unknown)

Meinl wooden tambourine



Mu-Tron Bi-Phase stereo phaser clone

Deltalabs Effectron 1024

Intellijel Springray II spring reverb

Intellijel Rainmaker spectral delay and comb filter

Makenoise Erbe-Verb

Makenoise Echophon


Interfax Harmonic Percolator


Synthesizers, Sequencers, and Drum Machines

Moog Sub37

MFB Tänzbar

Teenage Engineering OP-1

Makenoise 0-Coast

DSI Tempest

Intellijel Atlantis

Intellijel Metropolis

Intellijel Cylonix Shapeshifter wavetable VCO

Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO

Makenoise DPO

Makenoise STO

Ornaments and Crime

Makenoise Rene

MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate

Intellijel Morgasmatron

Intellijel Plonk

ALM Dinky's Taiko

Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor

Mutable Instruments Rings

Mutable Instruments Clouds

Mutable Instruments Peaks

Mutable Instruments Yarns

Intellijel µMidi

Makenoise Phonogene

Intellijel Dixie II

Intellijel Polaris


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