kathy yaeji lee is a dj/producer who splits her time between seoul and new york. EP2, her second ep on godmode, was a trippy fusion of rap and techno, korean and english, and featured the hit song ‘raingurl’. yaeji was shortlisted for the bbc sound of 2017 poll, and performed at the coachella festival last april.



Shamir is Shamir Bailey, a then 19-year-old Las Vegas native who grew up not on the strip but in the desert. shamir and nick made “Northtown,” Shamir’s debut EP (2014), and continued their relationship for “Ratchet”, Shamir’s first LP for XL Recordings, including the cult hit 'on the regular.'

GM149 - Christian Leave - Trilogy - EP - 3000x3000 - Cover.jpg

christian leave

Christian Leave is an 18-year-old artist who grew up in rural Texas. He escaped the boredom of his small town by making short comedy videos, which made him somewhat infamous at age 14. “Never”, his first release on Godmode, is a song about moving to LA and how sad that made his mom feel. 


channel tres

Channel Tres grew up bouncing between compton and lynwood here in la. His voice is effortlessly deep, as if Barry White didn't realize he was Barry White. “Controller”, Channel's debut single, is a classic Detroit house, reimagined with the surly attitude of West Coast rap.